Don’t be a jackass (the dilemma of donkey)

Let me tell you a fairy tale about the donkey: there was a donkey which had two buckets – one filled with hay and the other one filled with oats. Donkey loved both very much. So he got very excited at first but really quickly he got very confused with the decision which one he should eat (he could not eat both of them at the same time). While taking time to decide what to choose he ended up dying from starvation…

This story pertains to all of us. We must make so many choices in our life. But no one gave us instructions on how to make the best choice. Very often we end up making the wrong decision and hopefully we learn from our mistakes so next time when we are facing difficult decision we have more experience and better knowledge to evaluate the situation good enough not to make the same errors.

At this point of my life when I get confused and do not know what to follow: the message from my brain or the feelings from my heart I just make the final decision based on my intuition (some people call it following your guts…).

However, following your guts requires trusting your own judgment; it also requires overcoming your own fears and limits. Most of your limits are created by your mind while the fears come from your heart. You just have to trust yourself and take some risk to make the best decision based on that trust with the information available to you at this point of time!

I just experienced that situation two months ago when I was offered really great job. I already had pretty good job at very strong company. When the new opportunity came I was facing donkey dilemma. Which one to choose? The timing of the decision was very important in this case. I had so much info to evaluate in this extremely important decision in my life. I decided to accept the offer and that was one of my best decisions ever!

Making any decision equals taking the risk of the consequences of the alternative you choose.  I hope that you will be able to trust your instincts and make up your mind fast enough, so you do not die from hunger while choosing between hay and the oats!

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