Into the wild

Today I’m going back to the mountains… The secret to happy life lies in balance (between work, family, school, kids or whatever it is you do most of the time). I have moments in my life when I can keep things in balance for a while and then suddenly I notice that everything is all over the place again. Slowly I work too much, study too much with no time for myself. In moments like that my thoughts just run away to the mountains!

I already mentioned in the previous blogs my passion for the outdoors. This is my escape which helps me regain my balance and inner peace. I think that the main point of hiking and backpacking is physical activity and the endorphins being released by our brain. However, to me it is tremendous difference in what circumstances the hormone of happiness is being released! What a difference between being on treadmill and hiking in the beautiful scenery of the streams, meadows and the mountains?

Anyways, the last 2 years of my life were insane. I’ve changed job twice, I am also finishing my MBA. And at this point of my life my spirit is screaming: ‘Let’s go into the wild!!!’ So I’ve decided to hike Tahoe Rim Trail. We plan to hike the entire trail in one trip. It should take us ten days. In order not to carry all of the clothes and food for the entire trail we would recharge twice. Our trail angel would meet us at Spooner Summit and by Echo Lake. We start and finish in Tahoe City.

Now the answer to a question: Why would I like to do it? The answer is very easy: TRT is right here where I live, and I feel disappointed with myself that I didn’t do it yet. I’ve hiked three segments so far and I am amazed how beautiful and different each segment is.

Why in one hike? Well, if you backpacked once you probably know the answer. Hiking is so amazing that you do not want to come back home. So why cut the trail into pieces? However even if we hike TRT in 9 segments that still will be pretty amazing adventure around one of the world most beautiful lakes! Ready?!?!

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