Keep your balance

I have tried Bikram Yoga over two years ago and immediately I fell in love with it! Bikram Yoga is a hot form of a Hatha Yoga. You practice it in a very humid room with a temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 Celsius). Each session lasts 90 minutes during which you practice the same 26 poses, always in the same order. Please believe me it never gets boring, every session feels different and brings new challenges. Bikram Yoga to me is the exercise of balance and pushing yourself a little bit more every time you practice.

The room in which you practice is extremely hot and humid. When you enter the room, you feel hot air hitting your face. It is advised to arrive to each session earlier and sit or lay down before the practice for ten minutes or so to get used to the heat. This is the time when I thank myself for taking the time to practice and get into my yoga zone (I try to clear my mind form all the things that are going on in my life).

The practice starts… In the very first pose the entire room of people practice breathing and everyone makes this amazing sound while exhaling and you are just touched by everyone’s energy and the engagement into this exercise.

By pose 3 you start sweating so much and when you are facing down you see your own sweat dripping down from your nose. Sweating in such temperature is just a natural response from your body to the heat. In order not to get a heat stroke your body is producing sweat to cool down your body

And now is the answer to the question why I would do it? And why I love it so much? I do it to clear my mind from every little though… When you are exercising in such high temperature trying to hold the pose for a minute or so there is really not much room for thinking about some random stuff. You just try to focus and concentrate really hard to keep the balance and just breathe

This is truly incredible feeling – like you sweat all of your thoughts, worries, problems and leave them on your matt covered with the towel (you put the towel on your yoga matt so you won’t slip in the sweat… haha!).

I love the power of Bikram Yoga and encourage everyone to give it a try!

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