My purpose is to change the way you think about accounting.

I am well-qualified Accounting Professional with over 14 years of successful experience in accounting field. I have been working in Finance Departments in both private and public companies in multiple industries what allowed me to gain great and very thoughtful perspective on the accounting procedures as well as the operations of the finance departments. I am interested in private accounting with the special focus on the manufacturing companies.

My background:

I am a motivated, conscientious and creative person currently pursuing Certified Managerial Accountant certification. My MBA from University of Nevada, Reno gave me great, holistic perspective on the business world.

I was born in Poland where in 2003 I graduated with Master’s Degree in Sociology (Major in Public Relations, Minor in Media and Communications) at the University of Lodz.

Extensive traveling and living abroad experience as well as the education in the sociology filed helped me develop a strong ability to adapt quickly to a wide variety of conditions. I was always curious about the world and various cultures and following my nomadic spirit in 2000 I came to US for Work &Travel Program sponsored by US government.  After I graduated in 2003 I came to US for an internship and this is how my bold adventure stared in beautiful Nevada.

Over 14 years ago worked 1,5 yrs. as an office manager in small local company selling and servicing x-ray equipment where for the first time I was introduced to a T-account. This is when I realized that accounting is the most logical think in the entire life! I fully dove into accounting world working for great CPA (he was one of the best mentors I ever had an opportunity to work for) at one of the local casinos. After working 6 years in the Finance Department in that casino I was more than ready to change the industry, so I moved to mining company where I spent another 4 years improving my accounting skills. This time I took advantage of the career advancement into senior accountant position.  At this point I am confident that I was able to build strong base to become well experienced accountant and gained a good understanding of the accounting processes, rules and regulations (such a generally accepted accounting principles) and various ERP’s (IFS, SAP).

My interests:

I have many passions and various interest which make may life defiantly very interesting. Let me mention the most important ones:

  • I love outdoors! I am a passionate hiker and a pretty good backpacker.
  • I am very adventurous and travelling (even the day road trips) is one of my biggest passion.
  • I am interested in meditation and mindfulness. 4 years ago, I was introduced to MBSR program and 5 years ago I started my journey with Bikram Yoga.
  • Back in Poland for over 15 years I was serious beekeeper (hopefully I will get back to this amazing hobby soon).
  • I have very artistic soul and I have a talent in sculpturing.  I must mention that I absolutely love Dave Matthews Band.

As you can see I do not know what it means to be bored and yet I choose to be an accountant as my career. I will try to prove that accounting is an interesting topic and how it can greatly influence the way you see the life, manage your money, time and energy!