Always follow your dreams…

My father is one of the most influential people in my life… I am very grateful that he raised me according to his rules and values… I am also very thankful that he shared with me his wonderful passion – beekeeping. Most of my friends know that I truly like bees and beekeeping. Today was very important day in my life and I met my new beekeeping partner and my new mentor. I am ready to make my dream come true and get back to beekeeping!!!

When I was a little girl I started helping my father with his beekeeping. He really did not need my help that much but it was our bonding experience when we spent hours together taking care of his 12 beehives. Today when I think about these moments those are one of the most amazing memories of my childhood.

Beekeeping is an amazing activity which makes you really close to the nature. It also allows you to understand the balance in nature and experience the harvesting the gold of nature – the honey. In fact, I do not like honey that much, maybe because I ate so much honey as a child but I love bees and beekeeping is one of the most profoundly calming activity I was ever involved in.

Helping my father for over 15 years I’ve learnt a lot about bees and bee hives. I slowly fall in love with my father’s passion… And then I moved to United States where I totally gave up my hobby. Over 5 years ago I started thinking about going back to beekeeping. However, since I do not live in a house I was not sure how I could do it. I also went back to school and focused on my career putting my passion on hold once again.

I guess what is meant to be will be.  A year ago, I wrote this crazy business plan on beekeeping and my teacher told me that he was never happier to grade the assignment the maximum points. He told me that I was ready to do it since he could just see how passionate I was about beekeeping. One of my classmates told me about the beekeeper he knows. Today I’ve met him and one of the very first thing I’ve noticed about him is that he is just so HAPPY, with positive energy and this amazing vibe. We immediately clicked, and I feel like I found my new mentor who would guide me to get back into the most amazing hobby ever.

I believe that you always must follow your passions and just allow your dreams to come true. I am excited to share that I am getting back to one of the most amazing activities I’ve ever experienced. I will keep you posted how my beekeeping adventure goes… Btw. I just love the smell of beehive, this is something I truly cannot describe, something what makes me just happy… So let’s follow our dreams one step at the time…

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