Successful people never reach their goals alone!

Process of learning is never-ending process. If you are open-minded, curious and have the right attitude you will be able to learn new things all your life. Therefore, it is important to have people around from who you can learn a lot. Tocontinuously expand your knowledge and grow your skills it is crucial to have the real teacher who could become your mentor.

I am amazed with my own ability as well as willingness to learn new things. I love to surround myself with pope who I can look up to, people from who I can learn, people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with me.  Somehow, I was always fortunate to find some great mentors in my life. Both personal and professional. I will focus here on the professional mentors I was lucky to come across in my career journey.

Since I realize how much more I need to learn I am always looking for a true mentor at work. The first quality a mentor must have is his knowledge and the experience. The second one is his willingness to share that knowledge with others. Great mentor can question my way of thinking, ask me tough questions, challenge my knowledge on a daily basis and answer my questions the best he can.

The level of knowledge of my mentor is that profound magnet which keeps me amazed with his level of the expertise as well as gains my respect.  At this point of my career I can choose my future job more mindfully and one of the most important thing to me is to look for the mentor in my potential boss.  I am very aware that only by continuous process of learning I am able to grow as an employee, human being and a good person in general.

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