Counting the steps – part 3

Waking up in the morning in the middle of the mountains is the best part of backpacking. When you open up the tent the fresh breeze hits your face and you see that your living room is full of flowers, trees and its walls are made of the mountains. In such moments you are not sure if you are still dreaming or this is already reality. Ability to create experiences like this is truly priceless.

That morning by Diamond Lake was just like that, the time stopped, it was just us and nature, nothing else was important. After hearty breakfast we sat in silence drinking hot coffee with powdered milk. It was the best coffee ever in the most amazing circumstances! Life was beautiful!!!

Yet we knew that it was time for another day of serious hiking… We started our hike pretty energetic however I could feel the pain in my legs from the prior day’s strenuous hiking. It was sunny, beautiful morning with the perfect temperature for the hike. Knowing that I will not come back to this place for really long time I was somehow sad to leave Lake Diamond.

The trail was climbing like a snake up another mountain… This time I wasn’t tired and the backpack felt like feather; I was ready for another challenge. It was already 9 am and my counting of the steps started again. We reached the top of the mountain to see another magnificent lake with such lovely name – Lake Luella…

We took really short break and continued hiking to close our loop by Deer Lake. It wasn’t easy at all. The trail once again started climbing up another mountain. I was just amazed by the elevation changes of this trail. Up and down, up and down… Making the views breathtaking -overlooking valleys, meadows and steep mountains. You could easily follow that trail with your eyes just like on the picture!

We finally reached Deer Lake where we had lunch and got more water from the stream nearby. The day was getting hot and we had another climb up the mountain…:/ This was the final climb to the pass where we would close the loop. Looking at the trail going so high up I was scared if I could really do it again? And it seemed like the hike up was taking forever… but of course we made it!

I was so proud of myself that I managed to the top in such a short period of time. We started hiking down to the meadow which was literally running down. It took us 4 hours climbing up the day before and only 1.5 hr to run down on the way back. It was really steep part of the trail.

Trinity Alps will always have special place in my heart. It was truly magical place, very remote, calm and peaceful. The most beautiful backpacking trip ever. Places like this are giving me an opportunity to reflect what is really important in my life and what simply makes me happy…

Counting the steps is a great technique of challenging myself, pushing harder and each little step takes me closer to the goal. You just have to be persistent and do not give up… Just like in life in general!

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