Counting the steps – part 2

I was really scared that we didn’t have enough time to finish the loop and I really didn’t want to hike in the dark in theses steep mountains. Trinity Alps are very high mountains between 4000 to 8500 feet   and hiking in the dark could have very dramatic consequences.  It was already 6 pm and we’ve decided to speed up even more to hike as far as we could till at least 9 pm.

I was extremely tired after this strenuous climb up. However I knew I still had energy to push a little bit harder. Finally at 7 pm we arrived at the pass which was the beginning of the loop and we saw first of the four lakes. Deer Lake was in the bottom of this wonderful rocky valley. The sunset was just amazing. We could see the trail going around the valley going up to another pass.

I realized that my obsessive counting was worth the effort. That every step was bringing me closer to this most amazing place I ever saw in my entire life. The high mountains looked graceful and magnificent.  I felt my respect towards the amazing creation of the nature. I experienced the most profound feeling of happiness just by living the moment to the fullest. I took pictures of the surroundings which I will keep in my heart forever…

At this point I did not feel how tired I was, I did not fell the pain in my thighs, I did not feel the weight of my backpack I just had to keep hiking to the next lake. I knew that each lake was so different. After another 45 minutes of hiking we reached another lake – Summit Lake. This lake was hidden between trees, looked calm and quiet.  I was ecstatic and happy as a child. Was it a place where we would spend the night? But it still wasn’t dark. We knew that we had an hour to the next lake so we’ve decided to hike a little more.

Another hike up for 30 more minutes seemed nothing after hiking so much that day already. We started to feel relaxed and hiked slowly smiling to each other, knowing that now we were just looking for the perfect place where we could spend the night.  We reached another summit and we saw Diamond Lake. This place was just perfect! Looked like painted by nature. The lake was in the middle of incredibly green meadow with colorful flowers around it. I knew why those mountains were called Trinity Alps. I was thinking were we in Alps in Europe?

The sun was already gone and we started hiking down to the lake looking for the place to set our tent. We unloaded our gear and enjoyed the most delicious meal ever.  The night was incredible. A group of deer came right next to us eating the grass and other plants. Amazingly they were not scared of us at all. Those animals do not see too many humans so they do not feel threatened by people at all. They were so close to me that I was almost in tears, I was never so close to the nature. In the middle of the night I could hear deer’s hooves right next to our tent and I was trying to figure out how many of them came over. Do I always have to think in numbers – even count the deer in the night?:)

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