Bean Counters are no longer nerds wearing glasses!

Our professional life is going through tremendous transformation. Every aspect of the business is changing on a daily basis. Even though we may not notice this continuous process of the change happening to our jobs every day, looking at our company we may easily notice many differences between now and a year or two years ago.  The technology is getting more advanced and is clearly pushing people out of the cubicles replacing human labor with the computers. There is less paper around, huge printers suddenly disappear, and laptops replace PC’s.

This constant change affects people working in the offices, especially accountants.  The stereotype of the typical accountant is no longer valid.

The stereotype of the accountant is represented by man, way past middle age, winkled, wearing glasses, who is serious, polite but is staying rather on the cold side and the most important characteristic ids that he is extremely boring with dull job crunching numbers all day long…

The reality is far from the above stereotype. Constantly changing financial laws and regulations have created demand for people who are open minded, have ability to learn quickly and are flexible enough to apply their knowledge to many various scenarios. In addition to that, most of the accountants should have computers skills which go far beyond advanced level. Knowing only one ERP system is not enough since many companies are not using only one ERP system but the mix of various software applications serving different functions (for example there may be separate application for payroll, fixed assets, and inventory or expense reports). Moreover very experienced accountants are expected to  have the knowledge of the ‘back’ side of each system such as posting controls, as well as how the system communicates with another system by particular ‘mapping infrastructure’.

Let’s get less technical and let me tell you a little about the accountants I know. Majority accountants I came across are people with amazing personalities, passions and great families. Some of them travel a lot, some of them are backpackers, some of them are driving cabriolet Mustang taking funny selfies, some of them are diving with sharks for a hobby!!!

And the most important fact is that most of the accountants I know have great people skills what gives them the opportunity for effective communication of the financial information to the upper management.

Let me give you some of the examples of very talented accountants:

  • Phil Knight – co-founder and chairman of Nike Corporation
  • Walter Diemer – inventor of… Bubble Gum!
  • Thomas Edison – inventor and businessman
  • Ray Romano – comedian
  • John Grisham – novelist
  • Robert Plant – lead singer of Led Zeppelin

Therefore choosing accounting as THE CAREER may be a best option for multitalented, flexible, creative and very smart people!

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